Wholesale2b is a dropship service that didn’t quite make it to the top three because it doesn’t have as many features and tools as the top ranked products, but it still is a fairly sophisticated option for selling products online. The interface is easy to use and the customer service is one of the best we have encountered. Dropship services truly are one of the easiest to get you started and also to keep your business going.

Wholesale2b has a well stocked arsenal of dropshipping features such as the ability to order products online and eBay certification, which means it can be used with and is approved by online auction sites.

It has three available plans, each designed for a specific aspect of dropship services. The first is an eBay plan that allows you to post products from wholesale2b on eBay to auction off at a price set by you. The second plan is a website plan that helps you to create a website and set up your own domain. The service will upload the products and send daily updates straight to your site. With this plan you will also receive an email account from which you can keep track of your website records. When making a website you can customize the design and programming to fit your style and needs. The third plan is an export plan that enables you to sell on sites such as Google, Amazon, Yahoo and more. The program provides access to the supplier feeds, images of products to download and pre-formatted files ready for export onto one of the selling sites.

With this dropship service you will have instant access to all products you order and you can have the reassurance that you will always make money with the guarantee that you don’t have to purchase the product until you sell it. Once you sell a product you and your customer will receive a tracking number so you can know where the product is in the shipping process. Wholesale2b has a return and warranty policy that covers damaged goods and handles returns up to 30 days from delivery.

Besides having great user-friendly features, wholesale2b also has a great security system. They offer fraud protection to help you find trustworthy manufacturers and customers. They also have an identity theft protection to ensure that your information and the information of your customers will not be publicized.

The help and support area of wholesale2b is well developed and assures you that they will always be able to answer all your questions. They have a FAQs page where you can find answers to most basic questions. You can also contact the company by creating a ticket by submitting a question just like you would an email. Once you submit the question, the system assigns a ticket number and generates a response on their website.

Wholesale2b Summary:

Wholesale2b is a great dropship service for those looking to start a dropship business or for those who are simply looking for a different way to do it. It doesn’t have as many tools and features as the higher ranked products, but it certainly will get the job done.



Wholesale2b is very easy to use.

There aren’t many tools and features with this service.

The Verdict
: 9.18/10

Wholesale2b is a good service if you want to get started quickly.