Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise is a dropship service that specializes mostly in home and beauty products such as décor, candles, furniture, jewelry, toys, and bath and body products. This particular dropship service does not have as many products as the higher ranking companies; they don’t include electronics or auto merchandise in their product lineup. They also don’t have as many tools and features as the other dropship services.

The features they have are things such as online ordering and instant access to products. These two features are important because they allow you to run your business quickly and efficiently. They also have a return policy that allows your customers to return the product within 30 days.

When using Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise dropship service, you can store items in a shopping cart service provided by them. They also give you the assurance to make a profit by letting you wait until you sell a product to purchase it from the storeroom. Once you do sell a product and place the order, the company sends a tracking number so you can know where your product is in the shipping process. When you put products up for sale you will be automatically notified about the inventory status of each item so you are sure to always have a product to sell.

This dropship service also allows you to build a website with them to post your products on the internet. They do not allow for specific designing as some of the other dropshi services do, but they do have a selection of templates you can choose from. We also did not notice any program that would let you customize the selling process for your products.

One of the strongest arguments for using Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise is the variety of payment selections. You can accept payment from PayPal, credit card, eCheck and money order for bulk products. The ability to accept each of these payments is one thing this dropship service has that is not included in any of the higher ranking competitors. Also, with a wide variety of payment options you are open to a wider consumer selection.

Other than using SSL to protect transaction numbers, this dropship service doesn’t have much in the way of security. They do not have specific identity theft or fraud protection services. If you have any questions about the procedures they take to keep their services secure, you can contact their help and support services. These services are accommodating and provide a number of ways to receive support. You can email the service and they usually respond in a timely matter. You can phone a customer service representative if you don’t want to wait for a response, or you can simply look at their FAQs page and try to find the answer on your own.

Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise Summary:

Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise is a dropship service which provides immediate access to product on a home and lifestyle basis. Their tools and features are what you need to get by, but they aren’t anything special, nor do they have a wide selection of products. This program is geared more for those looking to sell online as a type of hobby. For a service with a larger selection of products, tools and features refer to our top product Dropship Design.

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Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise

Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise has good quality products.

There are no electronic, apparel or auto products.

The Verdict
: 8.32/10

Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise is for those looking to make money on the side, not for a full-time business.