Sunrise Wholesale offers you plenty of tools that make tasks such as listing and researching products easier. This dropshipping company has an inexpensive selling membership and there are no hidden charges or additional dropshipping fees per item. However, we found the shipping charges to be high. That means you have to pass that expense on to your buyer or else it will cut into your profits.

The company charges a 20 percent restocking fee for products that are returned for reasons other than defects or being broken on arrival. Therefore, if a buyer simply changes their mind and decides they don't want to keep a purchase, you will get stuck paying the 20 percent fee.

Sunrise offers all of the export features we look for in dropship businesses that allow you to move items into your inventory quickly. It is difficult to find individual products with a large profit margin, so you have to rely on selling a high volume of items to make money. With this dropshipper's export features; you can list a large amount of inventory in a short amount of time.

Many helpful features, such as a low-inventory notification and product order tracking, allow you to keep track of your listings so you can see where each item is in the shipping process and its availability status. With this dropshipper you get daily low-quantity alerts on eBay items so you can pull those products from your store before someone buys them after they have been discontinued.

This dropshipping company sells a limited number of products, though it still covers the basic categories. It isn't a bad idea to sell items through a smaller dropshipper like Sunrise Wholesale because there is less market saturation and you may be able to find a niche product that sells well. This service only offers one selling plan, which is fewer than you get with most other services.

If you sell products from your own website, the company makes it easy to export products. You don't have to type out product descriptions and copy and paste photos. Everything is automated, saving you time so you can list more products.

Sunrise Wholesale has a seven-day free trial period, which is helpful, although some services let you try their dropshipping membership for a month. The company website includes an email address and live chat service to contact knowledgeable customer service agents. You can also browse the FAQs page on the company website.

Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise Summary:

Sunrise Wholesale has great customer service, low membership prices and eCommerce website solutions. Although its merchandise selection is relatively small, the company still offers products in a variety of interesting categories.

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Sunrise Wholesale Merchandise

Sunrise Wholesale has low membership prices and advanced inventory tracking.

The company offers access to only 10,000 products, which is hundreds of thousands less than other dropshippers offer.

The Verdict:

Sunrise has great customer service and inventory management features, but it does not have the large product selection.