Throughout our research of dropship services we have found that some products seem to merge together in some ways. This seems to be the case with Product Sourcing. Many reports have come to our attention which claims that this dropship service was simply a downgraded version of our number two product Doba.

Previous customers of this dropship service have often times found that when products are received by their customers the Doba name is printed in the label. Despite all this, Product Sourcing is a good dropship service and has a good selection of products. You can enter into the site for free and look at the product catalog and start to sell your products.

The only problem with this free aspect is that you won’t have access to all the products and features of the company. To get the features like the push to eBay tool, you need to sign up for the premium service. Once you do this, you will also have access to unique training tools which will help you along in the dropshipping process.

The features with this company are very limited; you will not find any extra gadgets here. Simply put, this program has what they need to get by. They do have online ordering, which is a nice convenience that will save you a lot of time. They have an eBay tool which will help you push your products directly to eBay’s interface and they also have a product catalog to help you find specific products easier. You can get instant access to products, lessening your waiting time.

When looking through this wholesaler, we found that Product Sourcing is missing a number of key features that were included in the higher ranking products. One of the most important features they were missing is a return/ warranty policy. When reading the terms and conditions, the company clearly stated that neither they nor their manufacturers are responsible for products that are lost or damaged. If you want to accept a return, you will receive no help from this company, but you must contact the manufacturer yourself and see if you can work something out with them. If you cannot, it is up to you whether you want to accept the product back and take a loss or not.

The tools of this dropship service are also very limited when compared to our previous products. The only tool we could find real evidence of was a tracking tool to help you know where your products are in the shipping process. They did not have a custom pricing feature, a website building feature, or a custom design feature. One big tool we found missing is the automatic updates tool which will keep you from selling products that are not in stock. According to the company, it is your responsibility to keep tabs with your manufacturers and track the inventory levels.

For payment options you can use credit card, PayPal and if you have an order over $2000 you can sometimes use money order. The security uses, like all previous services, SSL to protect your account number information. There were no other identifiable security procedures taken to provide a secure environment.

Product Sourcing Summary:

Product Sourcing is the dropship service company to use if you don’t want to have free access, but it will come at the price of less products and less than minimal features. For a more rounded service that will provide you with a wide variety of features, refer to our number one dropship service Dropship Design.


Product Sourcing

There are three different dropship plans to choose from.

There are next to no tools and features available with this service.

The Verdict
: 7.63/10

Product sourcing is the way to go to save money.